Weight Management

Sakina Hashmi


Shyft Nutritionist

April 04

Aao sikhaye tumhe Ande ka Funda🥚

Eggs are an excellent source of nutrients like protein, choline, Biotin - vitamin B7, Vitamin A, antioxidants like lutein and zeaxanthin. The yolk is also a beautiful source of cholesterol BUT till now we do not have enough research stating that dietary cholesterol coming from egg alone is responsible for dyslipidemia or cardiac conditions. So what's the deal and how much consumption is safe ? A healthy person without any heart condition can have 1 whole egg everyday. If you are a body builder and your protein requirements are high you can go up to 2 eggs but check with your dietitian as eggs are not the only source of protein. However, in the presence of metabolic health conditions restrict intake of eggs to 1 whole egg 3-4 times a week. To sum up eggs are not bad for health, consume them in moderation and if you have a specific health condition discuss it's intake with your nutritionist or dietitian first.

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