Mental Health

Nadiya P


February 22

Importance of establishing boundaries for Physical and Mental well-being!

You can press the accelerator..🚗💨as hard as you want but if there is no gas ❌ ⛽in the tank the car doesn't move. The world would demand productivity from you every second of your life,regardless of your state... Because the foot🦶 on the pedal doesn't know the realities of the engine. That's why we have the indicators. Remember to build boundaries and communication channels with yourself and with people around you. You don't want to drive fifth gear ⚙️ without a check engine light🚨. My personal boundaries that I have established also is able to practice, is asking for space when I need a breather and feeling free to accept or ask for help to not exhaust myself rather learn from the other person and vice-versa. Have u set any personal boundaries for yourself? If yes, please do share in the comments. If not just give it a thought and start defining your boundaries. 😃

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