Mental Health

Smruthi settlur


Shyft Yoga Trainer

February 23


Every time I practice or tech warrior poses it brings tremendous courage, determination, and a sense of grounding. This pose is very close to my heart. On a daily basis we all are fighting our own battles which no one is aware of. For most of us it comes naturally to fight for the things we want, (this is in a good way) life may not be easy but yoga helps not to punch people in the face😝. Never let anyone dim the light in you. Keep shining and bring out the warrior inside you.❤️ #postyourpose @Ranjani @Manu @Deepali @Ophilia @Swati Singh @Podem praneethsagar @Gyanendra Lal Shilpkar @Muppi Mani @Sindhu Bhaskaram @Preeti Patel @Megha Malhotra

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