Shyft’s Community Guidelines

We want Shyft communities to remain a genuine, secure, and caring space for members to get and give emotional support and share their health journeys. By being respectful of everyone's thoughts and experiences, you can help us build a supportive community.

We established the Community Guidelines to ensure that all our members are treated with respect and dignity.

  1. Being kind & considerate

    1. Please be respectful, considerate, and kind in all your interactions with community members.

    2. We encourage you to treat everyone with the same respect when posting messages on Communities as you would when speaking to them in person.

    3. Please keep in mind how difficult it can be for people to talk about their experiences and that we could all use some moral support.

    4. The use of profanity, hate speech, or slurs is not acceptable.

    5. If you disagree with a community member, you are free to share your thoughts, but do so in a way that does not offend or hurt the poster's sentiments.

  2. Respecting privacy

    1. We value our members' right to privacy. Therefore, please refrain from posting any personally identifiable information about others on this platform.

    2. Don't share personal information : While discussing experiences related to your own physical/mental wellbeing, it is encouraged that you exercise caution when sharing personal details like contact numbers. This is to ensure your safety.

  3. Avoiding irrelevant or inappropriate content

    1. At the moderator's discretion, conversations about unrelated or irrelevant subjects may be ended.

    2. Please don’t share inappropriate content in the form of obscene, racist, sexist, disablist, ageist, homophobic, or transphobic posts. Such posts will be deleted.

    3. Spamming: Posting irrelevant content such as advertisements is strictly prohibited. These posts will be deleted.

  4. Avoid giving or taking medical advice

    1. Members should refrain from providing medical advice as it can potentially lead to misdiagnosis/mismanagement of a patient’s condition which could cause harm.

    2. None of the posts shared by other Community members in the form of opinions, suggestions or any other content should be considered as medical advice. We recommend that you consult your medical service provider before implementing anything that you read on the Community.

  5. Reporting problematic posts

      The report button is located above each post, and you can use it to inform us about any of the following.

    1. Personal attacks

    2. Posts including hate speech of any kind

    3. Trolling, misleading or deliberately inflammatory behavior

    4. Spamming

  6. Reaching out for help

      If you are unsure whether something needs to be reported or anything has made you uncomfortable, please feel free to reach out to us at Our team will do their best to resolve your concerns.