Managing Diabetes

Asmita Saha


March 29, 2023

Par Main Hi Kyun? / Why Me? Let's Figure Out The Possible Causes Of Type-2 Diabetes 🧐

Here you go with the causes : ➡️Being overweight, obese & physically inactive ➡️Your body is resisting insulin ( Insulin resistance) ➡️Your pancreas isn't making enough insulin ➡️Family history of diabetes or genetic predisposition ➡️You have metabolic syndrome which is a group of conditions like- high blood pressure,high cholesterol & triglyceride levels ➡️Your liver keeps cranking out excess sugar abnormality ➡️Abnormalities of the beta cells & these cells sending out the wrong amount of insulin at the wrong time ➡️Wrong signals are sent or signals are not picked up by cells producing/using insulin or glucose ➡️ You have some other related disorders like - PCOS/PCOD, sleep disorders etc. ➡️ You have high stress levels & psychological disorders like- depression & anxiety etc. ➡️ You're actively smoking & drinking alcohol ➡️ Your diet high in simple sugars, saturated fats, processed, junk & fast foods The meme tho🤐

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