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April 03, 2023

Day 2- April challenge - gratitude

Gratitude to the self and others around you!! take a moment to thank yourself for taking care of yourself and thank your loved ones who are supporting you. Today's challenge- get dressed up for yourself ladies & appreciate yourself, say the affirmations looking at yourself take a pic and share it here tag me. Do the routine challenges * Sun soaking 10-15mins * Drink 3lts water * Eat your fruits * Sleep stories while napping * Breath work ( humming bee 5times today ) * Soak coriander seeds in water in night 200ml water 1tbspn seeds, drink this water in morning ( helps in weight loss, balances hormones, strengthens hair, reduces hairfall, detoxify kidneys, prevents puffy face Have a wonderful day ! @Sunitha Bai @Kani @Vidya @Priyanka Verma @Khushbu @Nikita @Abhinaya @Sumedha G @Janaki @Ananya @Keka @Pooja @Samriti @Sukanya @Veenu chandani @Dhwani

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