General Wellness

Roma Bhagwani



March 31, 2023

Camel pose

Today stress-filled lives coupled with desk-bound jobs have given rise to tender muscles, built-up stress in the spine and poor postures due to long hours behind the desk. The practice of Ushtrasana ( camel pose) is a natural way to work on and improve the wrong sitting postures. Camel pose helps and stretches the body and opens up the thoracic region. It strengthens the spine and helps to rectify the improper slouching posture. Practicing with @Lavanya Uchil @Tanya @Tina Nainakwal @Yuthika @Madhavi Mehta @Ravneet Walia @Bhawana

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Tina Nainakwal

Soo much relaxing sessionšŸ˜Š

March 31, 2023

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