General Wellness

Nitisha Rajpal


Shyft Yoga Trainer

April 01

Breathing In Asana Practice

Our natural tendency is to hold the breath or use stress induced breathing while holding a posture, especially in a challenging pose. This creates stress and tension in the body. In yoga, we want to create a calm& relaxed body, breath & mind through the conscious use of the breath. Can you imagine relaxing in Boat Posture or Superman Pose? It is possible only by paying a little attention to our breath while we hold in these postures. By bringing your awareness on the breath,the mind becomes relaxed & so you are better able to relax in the pose. From concentrating on the discomfort in the posture, the attention shifts to relaxing more in the pose. Another advantage of coordinating your breath with the body postures – sometimes the mind may wander off on its own trip as you exercise. The body keeps moving but the mind is elsewhere. On such moments, gently bringing your awareness to the breath brings back the mind to the present moment. Try this out the next time you do your practice.

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