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April 07, 2023

Day 6- April challenge - reduce the sugar intake by 1/2 spoon today

Today's challenge - when you're having a cup of tea or coffee, reduce the sugar by half spoon today. I know it's tough, let's challenge ourselves with this. *Reducing sugar lowers the risk of overweight & obesity, it helps with weight loss. * Helps in reducing the belly fat. * Helps to regulate your blood sugar levels, helps in decreasing the risk of diabetes. * Improves your oral health * Reduces risk of liver disease ( liver helps in breaking the fructose a type of sugar, excess fructose that reaches the liver turn into fat, this causes liver diseases). * It even reduces acne and improves the skin. Let's start with this new habit!! Also continue with everyday challenge!! * Sun soaking *3 ltrs of water * Fruits * Afternoon naps ( listen to sleep stories on shyft app * Deep belly breathing before sleeping. Have a great day ahead !!

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Mam- please provide alternative to chocolate cravings 😊

April 07, 2023


@Sonali Sachdeva what alternatives do you suggest for chocolate for lactating mothers ?

April 08, 2023

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