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April 07, 2023

Low lungs twist with scale down variation

Let’s understand what this pose does and how it helps in daily routine. This stretch for the lower back and hips combines a lunge position with a static twist. It is a simple way to open the hips. Many people have tight hips and low backs because of a sedentary lifestyle. •Those who sit at a desk for long periods may feel pain in the hips and lower back. •The sitting position causes one muscle group to shorten, while the opposing group lengthens to compensate. •Extended periods in that position cause these muscles to become underactive, while the opposing muscles become overactive, leading to muscle imbalance. •Tight hips have been shown to contribute significantly to lower back pain, and stretching helps counteract this. Practiced this for today’s goal of class- to increase the spinal flexibility. @Shweta Patra @Aditi Sen @Ruthira Rengasamy @Dipti Dwivedi @Tanushree Gogoi @Sanjeev Sinha

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