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Sonali Sachdeva


Chief Nutritionist at Shyft

January 02, 2023

Trimester 1 - what to eat & why ??

First trimester Basic water soluble 💧vitamins B & C become a focal point in the first trimester. The most well known first trimester nutrient is B9( folate), which helps protect your baby from neural tube defects. Vitamin C is important in all stages, but it works to support your immune system, which is taxed in the first trimester. Folate is the natural form of B9 & is better utilized by the body than folic acid, which is the synthetic form found in most supplements Sources - dark leafy vegetables,  broccoli, lentils, legumes Look forward to future posts for trimester 2 & 3 too 🙂🤗

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Nadiya P

Oh my delicious'ness🤤

January 02, 2023

shikha sengupta

Looks yumm🤤🤤

January 02, 2023

Lekha Pant

This is very helpful. Thank you..

January 03, 2023

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