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Asmita Saha



April 07, 2023

Happy World Health Day To You All 🌎 ✨

The theme (by WHO) of world health day , 2023 is: HEALTH FOR ALL 🌎 πŸ«‚ This is to celebrate the decades of good work done by WHO to improve the quality of our life. And to address & tackle the health challenges of today & tomorrow. Ironically today we also get to celebrate Good Friday ✨, where we commemorate the crucifixion of Jesus Christ , which occurred to earn salvation for sinners & reveal the eternal love of God for mankind. Somehow it seems like both days are complementing each other. I personally believe is that, the betterment of our health & overall quality of life is in our own hands. A crucial pointer of that is physical exercise. Nowadays we're too busy to workout, but somehow are able to find time for social media & other entertainment. 🀑 We need to realise that excuses don't make but break your health. A 30 min walk is definitely not better than a 1 hour gym/yoga session , but it is better than doing nothing at all.πŸ’‘ Here's some pics from my post dinner walk😌

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