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April 08, 2023

Diaphragmatic Breathing or Deep Belly breathing 🧘

Learning to Practice Diaphragmatic Breathing 🌿Sit or lie in a comfortable place. . 🌿Place one hand on your chest and one hand on your abdomen. 🌿Inhale through your nose for about 4 seconds feeling your abdomen expand. 🌿Exhale very slowly and steadily through your mouth or nose for about 6 seconds. BENEFITS: Diaphragmatic breathing helps you use your diaphragm correctly while breathing to: 🌿Strengthen the diaphragm 🌿Decrease the work of breathing by slowing your breathing rate. 🌿Decrease oxygen demand. 🌿Use less effort and energy to breathe. Take out few mins and start with six to ten rounds of this practice. @poonam yadav @Rincy @Aatiya Shaikh @Parul @Sanapala Sravani @Kompal Negi @Sahithya R Nath @Sakshi Mahanoori @srianjini @Marina @Alka Bharadwaj @Pratiti

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