Managing Diabetes

Dr Shweta Rao


Shyft Yoga Trainer

April 08, 2023

How Diabetes damages Kidneys

The kidneys act as filters that cleans the blood, while wastes and excess fluids are excreted from the body through urine, the proteins and minerals necessary for our body are mixed with the cleaned blood again into the circulation. High Blood Sugar and High Blood Pressure damage these filters in the kidneys which perform their main function. When the kidneys are damaged the proteins that should should remain in the body mix in the urine from the kidney while the excess fluids and waste materials (urea, etc toxic wastes) that should be removed from the body cannot be removed. Diabetes affects both kidneys at the same time. Kidney damage may not show any symptoms for a very long time which leads to continuous increase in the wastes in the blood until the kidney becomes completely inoperable. leaned with the mixed bloods. Eventually kidneys shrink and fail completely. To avoid these situations keep getting yourself detected at least once a year. Important maintain an active lifestyl

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