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April 10, 2023

Walking on Incline mode

Walking on incline is either setting your treadmill at an incline or simply walking uphill at a slope 🚶‍♀️ 🤔So why do we need to do that when we can walk on a plain path and that to be in an easy way. Walking on incline 💪Increases your heart♥️ rate without aggravating the risk of injury which might happen while running🏃 on plane mode. 💪It increases the calories burn as compared to walking on flat surface. 💪Work on the posterior chain of muscles like hamstrings, glutes. 💪It also traines you to walk on realistic terrain if you are planning for trekking🧗 NOTE 👉 Start with a lesser incline like 3 and gradually train yourself by increasing incline. 🌟I completed my 15min incline walk at 9 level. Keeping up my motivation for the whole week 😃💪 Any doubts feel free to ask😊

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