Prenatal Health



April 10, 2023

Understanding how baby makes way out through pelvis during VAG delivery

THE INLET,or the top of the pelvis,where baby first enters or engages to pelvis.This opens more with wide knees, rocking front and back and pelvis tilts movements. THE MID PELVIS,or bony structure of the pelvis where baby rotates.This level opens more with asymmetrical or side to side weight shifting movements. THE OUTLET or the bottom of the pelvis where baby exists.This opens more with internal rotation ,or knees in and ankle out positions. One can do all sorts of positions mentioned to open pelvic at each level.The practices that we are doing in our prenatal classes here in shyft. If we looking for easier labour then we need to open the pelvic level that baby is currently trying to navigate.So if baby is trying to engage we open the intlet.If baby is engaged n rotating,we open the mid pelvis.And when we pushing we need more to work on opening the outlet. Educate yourself to have a healthy and easy delivery:)

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