Weight Management

Asmita Saha


April 10, 2023

Fried vs Baked Goods & With Sugar vs No Sugar Snacks/Bars ~ are the latter really healthy ❓

During weight loss or general lifestyle/disease management many of us try to find healthy & convenient meals/snacks. But are they actually Healthy? The answer is NO. 📍Baked favoured chips/popcorns etc. are highly processed & sometimes are very low in fat and high in sodium, which leads you to consume them in larger quantities, & that affects your BP & blood sugar levels. 📍Veggie sticks or veggie snacks or fruit snacks also are highly processed, are devoid of proper fibres & protein & can be loaded with sugar as well. 📍Ready to eat breakfast cereals & smoothies are often loaded with sugar & are highly processed with very low nutrient values. 📍Low sugary energy bars/drinks can be highly processed & filled with artificial sweeteners, which if taken on a regular basis can lead to weight gain & other health issues. 📍Flavoured yogurts, protein drinks/bars,gluten free snacks etc. also fall under this list. In my next post I'll list down some actual healthy snacks for you ⏸️

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