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April 10, 2023

Importance of erect spine during seated breathwork and meditation practice.

1.Proper breathing function To have proper breathing the diaphragm needs to move freely. When the diaphragm moves freely you will feel the region of the upper abdomen, lower ribs, and the mid-back expanding and contracting with each breath. 2.Alertness Sitting with the back straight and upright not only helps us to have a clear and alert mind but it also prevents sleepiness or drowsiness, if we know how to engage the diaphragm properly. 3.Inducing a sense of calm If we sit with the back and shoulders rounded this is going to have a depressing effect on the mind. But if you sit upright with the chest open and the shoulders back it will have the opposite effect. Our body posture also has an effect on the mind. 5.Free energy flow The main energy -Life force passage in this body is the spinal cord which passes through the spine, from the bottom of the spine till the top, piercing each nerve bundles which further spreads to every part and organs. So sitting erect becomes very important.

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