Prenatal Health

Chumki Sinha


Shyft Yoga Trainer

April 10, 2023

Manage swollen feet during pregnancy

Swelling (also called edema) in some areas of the body is normal and common for most people during pregnancy. It develops for several reasons, including changes in hormones, blood volume, fluid, and circulation. Increases in the hormone progesterone during pregnancy slow down digestion and circulation. The changes in digestion lead to more fluid being absorbed by the large intestine, which increases fluid volume. Progesterone also slows down circulation and relaxes blood vessels, making it easier for fluid to build up in the feet. Few tips to manage swollen feet are # avoid consuming extra salt # avoid sitting and standing for a long time # elevate your legs higher than the waist # gentle massages # exercise regularly # drink plenty of water @Jasmine Singh this may help you

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