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April 11, 2023

Day 9 - April challenge - be your won rockstar - sing a song for yourself!

Today's challenge - to feel good - Sing a song for yourself, your favourite song or listen to it while doing your chores. Did you know singing helps us in so many ways? * It improves the breathing pattern, gives muscular relaxation, activates parasympathetic nervous system, lowers blood pressure too. * Reduces stress, release happy hormones, release oxytocin stress relieving hormones. * Efficient breathing during breathing during singing boosts metabolism,improves blood circulation to hormones, relieves anxiety! Also continue with the daily routine challenge * Sun soaking 10-15mins * 3ltrs water * Nap in the afternoons ( listen to guided meditation on Shyft home screen) * Post dinner walks for 15-20mins * Deep belly breaths before sleeping 5times Have a joyful day !!

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