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Nitisha Rajpal


Shyft Yoga Trainer

April 11, 2023

Keep Up The Yoga Habit

From head to toe, from the brain to the tummy, from improving focus to managing anxiety and stress, yoga is excellent for several reasons. Though there’s a catch: to experience yoga’s sustained benefits, it needs to be practiced regularly. With hectic work schedules, late mornings and our own laziness, let’s make time for yoga every day. Sharing some tips to make it happen 1. Note how yoga makes you feel. Observe how you feel on the day you do yoga and on the day you don’t. 2. Don’t be rigid about a fixed time to practice. 3. Tend to your sleeping pattern. 4. Motivate yourself with treats. Treat yourself with an expensive dress or a fine dining experience when you reach your target of doing yoga every day for a set period of time. Enjoy your yoga journey! 🌸 @Naveen @Pallavi Saxena @Mitsu @Anirban Ghosh @Dayesh @Sulaksha @Monica @Anitha N @Devika M @Sonia Pinto @Renu

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