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Garima Singh


Shyft Yoga Trainer

April 11, 2023

My sleeping beauties❤️ Importance of Shavasana

Savasana is an important pose to help 'remodel' your body. The work of asana warms the body, and places forces on it in ways that start to break down physical habit patterns. When you rest in Savasana, the body cools in its 'mold,' which is anatomic neutral. Think of Shavasana as a time of digestion, assimilation and adaptation of all the information that your active practice has put on your body. Your body will adapt as you sleep that night and in following days, ultimately becoming stronger and better able to carry loads that you are asking it to . Tags- @Malvika Sejwal @Mansi juyal @Vanshika @Kawleen kaur @Shweta @Priyanka @Nikhita Narendran @Sharada @Sharada @Saranya @Saranya @Saranya @Jagati @Varsha

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Malvika Sejwal


April 11, 2023

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