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Dr Shweta Rao


Shyft Yoga Trainer

January 01, 2023

Warm Up for 6 ‘minutes before starting work out

Stretch and Warm up different parts of your body before you really dive into your New Fitness Plan for the Year 2023. Start by walking into your place for 3 minutes, then transition to a round of 60 heel digs in 1 minute. Switch to 30 knee lifts in 30 seconds and 2 sets shoulder rolls. As a finishing touch complete your Warm Ups with 10 reps of knee bends. 1. Heel digs are when you kick your leg and place your heel on the ground. 2. Knee lifts are when you raise your 1 knee and touch it with your opposite hand. 3. Shoulder lifts are when you roll your shoulders forwards and backwards with 10 reps in each direction. 4. Knee bends are when you lower your body up to 10 cm and lift yourself up again These will loosen and relax muscles which will prevent any muscles damage or injury and prepare you for better Workout Benefits.

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