General Wellness

Ankita Singh


April 06, 2023

Kapotasana ( Pigeon pose) 💫

- Good practice to stimulate the abdominal organs - Stretches the thighs, groins ,hips , abdomen , chest , shoulders and neck. - opens the shoulders and chest which helps to improve the capacity of lungs. - rejuvenates the backbone - Quiets the mind and brings focus inward. P.S - Happy to see everyone’s progress 🫶🏻 @Anuradha Srivastava @Shweta Sharma @Sudhi @Tripura @Sowjanya @Sharada @shrusti @Nisha @Nishi Shukla @Roshni @Ankita @Geetanjali (Pooja) Anand @Biba Whui Joram

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