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Asmita Saha


April 13, 2023

Healthy Snack Swaps So That You Can Avoid The So Called Healthy Processed Store-bought Snacks 💡

As promised I am back with the healthy snack swaps.......after an eternity 🤔 . . . . . . Ok ok I'll just get to the point....Jeez who hurt you today? (Sorry I just wanted to use this phrase 🤡) ❌Baked chips/popcorn/baked snacks ✅Roasted makhana,chana,baked banana chips ❌Veggie sticks/veggie snacks ✅Fresh veggie sticks ❌No sugar fruit snacks/chocolate or yogurt covered dry fruits/nuts ✅Fresh fruits, soaked dry fruits,peanut butter covered dates,figs,fruits ❌Instant baked chaat/bhel ✅Murmura/makhana/chana/sprouts chaat or bhel ❌Flavoured crispy snacks/chana/makhana ✅Homemade roasted makhana,baked banana or veggie chips ❌Gluten-free cakes/desserts/Savory snacks ✅Dhokla, fluffy gluten-free pancakes ❌Baked millet grain chips ✅Baked veggie chips, methi khakhra ❌Instant mixture for cheela/snacks ✅Homemade cheela/leftovers ❌Healthy dips for snacks ✅Curd/chena dip/pureed veg dip ❌ Packaged fruit/vegetable juices ✅Fresh fruits,veggies, freshly squeezed juices with/without pulp 🙏

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Jyotsana Khanna Biyani


April 13, 2023

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