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Shyft Yoga Trainer

April 11, 2023

Lymphatic health

An intelligently created system, the superficial lymph nodes are strategically present around the joints to allow the changes in pressure with movement to facilitate lymphatic flow through the nodes, bathing them in immune cells. The lymphatic system depends on this changing pressure to pump lymphatic fluid through the system with valves that keep fluids moving in one direction. The flow through these nodes is what drives our capacity to both mount an immune response and to sound the alarm for other needed immune cells.Any sort of movement practice (gentle or vigorous) can act as an important pump for this system, however yoga can be especially helpful with its capacity to be both specific to these congregated lymph areas, regulating the breath as a pump and also helping to regulate stress which we know can dampen the immune response. Yoga adds in the component of gently compressing some of these more superficial lymph nodes to stimulate circulation of lymphatic fluid here.

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