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April 12, 2023

#Showusyourplate Day 1 Lunch

My meals usually include a balance of carbs,fats and proteins. I also add a portion of fibre in the form of salad or vegetable raita. Today's plate includes- 1 portion of roti (carb source) 1 Portion of daal (protein source) 1 Portion of vegetables (vitamins and minerals) 1 Portion of salad ( fibre source) 1 Tsp ghee ( healthy fat source ) Post your meal plates and a short description with a tag @Challenge Master (mandatory) and me @Sharvani. This challenge is for next 7 days. You have to post the pictures of all 3 meals daily. It should be healthy and nutritious.If your post gets maximum likes and comments then you will be winning a healthy hamper and a free nutrition consultancy and meal plan for one month.Those who already have the nutrition package they will get another 1 month of free consultancy. You can also post on insta handle with tag @shyfthealth and #showusyourplate. Don't forget to post the pictures by clicking on the card that is on the App's Homepage

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