Prenatal Health

Sonali Sachdeva


Chief Nutritionist at Shyft

January 04, 2023

Trimester three !! What to eat & why ?

Nutritional needs of baby reach the peak at this time. Calls for high levels of iron & protein. Crucial to maintain increased blood volume, the growth & cellular development of baby & a healthy placenta. The light fluttery movements felt in second trimester are replaced by much stronger jabs in the third trimester. This is when the baby's bones become more dense & developed, making calcium an important nutrient. Another important nutrient for bone health is fat soluble D3 Omega 3 plays the biggest role in 3rd trimester. Healthy fats are important for development of baby's brain( which is made up of 60% fat, specially DHA). Women who consume omega 3 especially EPA, in late pregnancy are at lower risk of post partum depression. Healthy fats add protective padding to your baby & contribute to additional maternal stores which help in breastfeeding. Calcium sources- broccoli,  spinach, beet greens , salmon, yoghurt D3 sources - salmon, safe exposure to sunlight

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Snigdha Raj


January 04, 2023

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