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April 17, 2023

Packaged Juices

The packaged fruit juices are undisputedly unhealthy. These juices can be categorized as fruit drinks, juices, and nectar drinks. According to a study fruit drinks contain approx 20% of fruit, while fruit juices have 15-20% of fruits and last but not the least nectar drinks contain only 10% of the fruit. When analysed the situation, we realised that the rising number of health-conscious consumers are having these juices thinking they are fulfilling their daily nutritional requirement with a packaged juice which is healthy. But sadly, all this has resulted in health diseases that we keep neglecting. For instance, packaged juices lack satiety value i.e. you may not feel full even after drinking 3 glasses of juice. Whereas, if you drink one glass of pulpy fresh juice you will feel satisfied, or you can also opt for eating the fresh fruit directly. According to a study, the act of chewing and swallowing sends a satisfaction signal to the brain.

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