Managing Diabetes

Asmita Saha


January 03

Only FAT people get diabetes❓

The answer is a big NO ❌ Obesity is a leading cause of type-2 diabetes, but besides that there are many other causes as well- • Family history & genes • Living a sedentary lifestyle • Having a bad diet • Excess intake of alcohol • Some viral Or bacterial infections • Chemical toxins in food • Autoimmune reactions • Pancreatitis & other pancreas issues • PCOS & PCOD • Presence of other lifestyle diseases • Taking excess steroids • Some specific health conditions like- Cushing's syndrome And many more So the bottom line is that; a person with obesity has higher chances of developing diabetes, but not all diabetics are obese or overweight. 🧐 Also lifestyle & dietary modifications are crucial parts of diabetes management, meaning if a diabetic looks healthy & toned they are doing a great job!! 💡 And they deserve a pat on their back🫂, not such criticism 👋

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