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Nadiya P


January 04

Ostrich effect

Ostrich effect is a cognitive bias that defines how people often neglect the negative information including the feedback that could help them monitor their goal progress. Instead of facing the situation they burry thier heads into the sand like how the ostriches do assuming they have safeguarded themselves. This avoidance can often make things worse incurring the costs that we might have not faced if we headed on prior. People often go out of their ways to avoid using the information even if it's easy and accessible to use. Examples: 1)Not being regular with the blood checkups thinking what if I have a disease upon checkup? 2)Neglecting to check weight to avoid apprehensions of weight gain 3)Self-monitoring medications and dosages without expert opinion to avoid long-run consults. Being an Ostrich is easy for time-being but the after effects are immense. Reminder to be more conscious inside-out❤️

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Sukhdeep Singh

This requires so much of courage too! Thanks for bringing it up.

January 04

Jyotsana Khanna Biyani


January 04

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