General Wellness

Roma Bhagwani


April 25

Check your progress 🌟

Here are five ways to know if you are making progress in your yoga practice: ✅Improved Flexibility and Strength: You may find yourself able to reach further, hold poses longer, or execute more challenging postures with greater ease. ✅Increased Mindfulness and Awareness: You will feel more centered, focused, and present, with a greater ability to stay calm and focused during challenging situations. ✅Enhanced & Softer Breathing: With practice your breath becomes smoother, deeper, and more controlled. This can help you to relax and release tension, both on and off the mat. ✅Improvement in Overall Posture: A consistent practice can help to correct imbalances and reduce pain or discomfort caused by poor posture. You may find yourself standing taller, with less strain in your neck, shoulders, and back. ✅Turning from Reactive to Responsive You start to gain a deeper understanding of your emotions, thoughts, and beliefs and gives you more clarity to not react but to respond.

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