Prenatal Health

Anupama Mhatre


Shyft Yoga Trainer

April 27, 2023

Lion’s Breathing

Lion’s breath is a type of pranayama that’s said to alleviate stress, eliminate toxins, and stimulate your throat and upper chest. This breathing practice is related to the thyroid and the fifth chakra or energy center. Your fifth chakra is the seat of creativity, communication, and expression. And, of course, it engages your lungs with particular focus. And since it takes putting self-consciousness aside for the moment, lion’s breath may help you in other parts of life, like when you want to speak up in certain situations but find yourself shying away. You may also find that lion’s breath helps you release emotions, thoughts, or patterns. @Binella @Sanchita @Ramya Reddy @Sakshi Sharma @Paridhi @Surbhi Gupta @Radhika @Harshita

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