General Wellness

Asmita Saha


April 20

Do You Often Get Impulsive Sugar Cravings That Are Impossible To Control? Read The Following To Know What Might Be The Reason⬇️

📍Your meals are very restrictive & lack variety 📍You are following a no carb/low carb diet or you are continuosly avoiding any form of sugar 📍Your meals are lacking protein or you're having certain nutrient deficiencies 📍You're skipping meals or keeping long gaps between them & you tend you eat in a rush 📍You're drinking excess amounts of tea, coffee or caffeinated drinks 📍You're not drinking enough water & are often dehydrated 📍Your meals contain food items that triggers gut issues or existing food allergies/Intolerances, which in turn caused you to develop a bad relationship with food 📍You eat a lot of processed or junk food containing added sugar & artificial sweeteners 📍You're not getting enough sleep, or your sleep quality is compromised & you often wake up tired 📍You feel tired throughout the day & sugary treats gives you short energy boosts 📍Your stress levels are currently high or have been high for a long time or you've been feeling down or depressed.

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