Mental Health

Ruchi Singh


Shyft Yoga Trainer

April 21, 2023

Psychology behind comfort food

Different emotional states can lead us to turn towards our comfort food. Comfort food can trigger dopamine-a neurotransmitter all about motivation,reward and pleasure. Creating a feel good sensation. Comfort food are often associated with positive memories and nostalgia. Sometimes even the Smell of comfort foods can trigger these positive memories. Psychological research shows that smells are powerfully linked to areas in the brain that are assoiated with memory and emotional experiences Durinf times of difficulty or uncertainty, making and eating comfort foods can offer a sense of structure and control. We have control over the foods we are making and eating, and we also have a little more control over how we feel. Our brain tells us that eating that piece of homemade dessert or eating simple dal chawal will make us feel good. One of my comfort food is a dish from North called Dal ka Dulha( it is also called Dal Dhokli in Gujarat). What's yours?

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