Mental Health

Asmita Saha


April 21

Validating Your Own Feelings Is Important because ~ If someone else is carrying it well , doesn't mean it isn't heavy 🧗

Self-validation can look like this > 🙅‍♀️Why do I find it so hard? ~This is hard 🙅‍♀️Everything is good why do I still feel down? ~It's normal to feel this way 🙅‍♀️Did I do good? ~I am proud of myself 🙅‍♀️I don't know anything about this what will I do? ~All the unknowns are making me anxious 🙅‍♀Everyone else is adapting well then why can't I? ~I gave it my best effort 🙅‍♀️Why do I always keep struggling? ~Today I am struggling with this 🙅‍♀️Everything is my fault ~It's not my fault 🙅‍♀️I don't want to say yes but .... ~It's okay for me to say no 🙅‍♀️Am I good enough? ~I am enough 🙅‍♀I shouldn't cry ~It's ok to cry 🙅‍♀️Was it right to react that way? ~I was right to stand up for myself 🙅‍♀️ I'll change myself based on people's opinions ~ My self-worth isn't based on people's opinions 🙅‍♀️Will I be able to do it? ~I can do hard things 🙅‍♀️No-one understands me ~I feel misunderstood 🙅‍♀️Nobody likes me ~Not everyone will like me & it's okay💕

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