Prenatal Health

Garima Singh


Shyft Yoga Trainer

May 01, 2023

Pranayama practice in pregnancy 👶

Pranayama Helps in Optimizing Oxygen Flow Your body is supplied with oxygen, which helps your baby to grow. Pranayama optimizes the flow of oxygen in your and your baby’s body. It improves overall health as every body part of yours and your baby’s get more oxygen and energy. At the same time, during exhalation technique, your body expels the toxins automatically. The resistance power of your body and your baby’s body gets enhanced by the energized cells, which thus increases the immunity and helps fight with diseases. This is a very important benefit Pranayama offers to pregnant women. Tags- @Malvika Sejwal @Varsha Rani @laura @Sharada @Sharada @Meghna @Anjali @Saranya

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