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Gyanendra Lal Shilpkar


Shyft Yoga Trainer

May 18, 2023

Why Savasana is important ?

“Savasana is the great balancer in terms of our nervous system: while much of asana practice is designed to up-regulate the body, stimulate, and even provide healthy stress, Savasana is the down-regulator. It shifts away from the sympathetic nervous system to the parasympathetic side, and we experience a calming, sweet release. Over time, Savasana teaches us how—and that we can—move from anxiety and hyper-stimulation to this state of down-regulation where digestion, the immune system, and other essiential systems are restored and enhanced. In frame @Preeti @Artishah @Manosh @Geetu @Poonam @Srishti Narang @Vinibachani @Rachana Dehane @Upasana @Thamarai selvi @Sreya M @Amita @Amruta @Smriti Saxena @Shweta #Shyftyourhealth

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