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May 17, 2023

Hot water with a pinch of coffee (Instant energizer) #shyftyourhealth

🔆Apart from green tea, a cup of boiled water with a pinch of coffee, energize me completely ☕ 🔆Again putting this up as a healthy habbit to skip unnecessary tea or coffee intake. Guys try this and let me know if that helps or any other option you have😃 #shyftyourhealth Building up healthy habbits @Nehabindal @Javnika @Piali @Labanya @Snehal Sawant @Naira

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Thats interesting.. Wl try for sure

May 19, 2023


Will try this today..

June 07, 2023


Shyft Yoga Trainer

@Veer great

June 09, 2023

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