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January 06

Spinal movements and it's importance

SAGITTAL PLANE with respect to spinal movements. This plane allows the spine to bend forward and backward also known as flexion and extension. PHYSICAL BENEFITS-  • Forward folds- Creates length and space in the spine, counteracts the intervertebral compression, soothes the nervous system , stimulates internal organs.  • Backbends-They stretch the quads and hip flexors, help open up the shoulders and chest, an area where lot of us hold tension, build strength and power in the legs, arms and back muscles, increases mobility and awareness of the spine, improves posture, improves lung capacity and can help to alleviate some kinds of back and neck pain. PSYCHOLOGICAL BENEFITS -  • Forward folds- Stimulates parasympathetic nervous system-hence calms down the neural activities, stimulates pitutary gland(mastergland), releases the stress or anxiety and promotes a peaceful/relaxed state of mind.  • Backbends- Stimulates sympathetic nervous system- energies the body and mind.

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