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Ruchi Singh


Shyft Yoga Trainer

May 29, 2023

The relevance of Breathwork

A few days back, I took this poll understanding the take on Breathwork from you all. Breathwork practice is quite underrated. Asana practice always has an upper hand. However, Breathwork is equally important. On days when the body is tired and not ready for any physical movement, try sitting down and practicing your Breathwork. You will notice the changes on physical & mental levels as well. Breathwork practice can deliver some fantastic benefits - - Regulate the temperature of body ( There are some particular ones which help you either bring heat or cool down the body too) - Target your parasympathetic nervous system directly - When the nervous system is in check, to a lot of extent hormonal regulation takes place too. Thus helping with issues like pcos, thyroid, diabetes etc - Digestion issues can be in check. When Gut health is good and creates a great impact on overall health. - Bringing Focus, calming an agitated mind, control of emotions and actions are some other benefits.

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