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Vaishali Khanna


Shyft Habit Coach

June 04, 2023

What Causes Low Energy?

Imagine that it's 2:30 p.m., and you've run into a brick wall at work. You can barely keep your eyes open, and you're struggling to stay focused. All you want to do is take a nap. At times like this, you may make poor decisions or feel irritable, or you may struggle to deliver high-quality work or meet deadlines. And you may lack the energy to push ahead with new initiatives. Let's face it: to do our best, we need to be energized throughout the day! There are many reasons why your energy levels may be low. For example, this could be caused by: Lack of sleep. Poor diet. Iron or vitamin deficiencies. Medication. Lack of exercise. Depression. Burnout or stress. Underactive thyroid. Low motivation. Short Term solutions: 1.Rehydrate yourself 2. Use natural light 3. Take a walk 4. Listen to music Long Term Solutions: 1. Eat healthier food 2. Exercise regularly 3. Find meaning 4. Look at your schedule

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