Weight Management

Reshmi Bhattacherya


Shyft Ambassador

June 05, 2023

Cardio is NOT the answer to fat loss!!!

Focus on building muscle rather than burning fat. Read it again (and again). Strength, not cardio, is found to be more effective as a fat loss foundation for two primary reasons. 1. Work Capacity: Strength training really sets itself apart by increasing our ability to do things, called work capacity. More muscles worked, more calories expended, more exertion, more intensity, more favorable metabolic responses in your body, and all of this without increasing duration. It is simple math. 2. Compared to chronic bouts of long cardio, which in turn wreaks havoc on our ability to burn fat. Strength training causes our body to produce more favorable hormones for burning fat and preserving lean, calorie burning muscle. These favorable hormones lead to more muscle and less fat over the long haul. Building muscle is advantageous because the amount of muscle we have on our body is directly proportionate to how many calories we are able to burn. Not the treadmill. Not always!

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