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January 10, 2023

Improve your Gut health…Boost immunity !!!

Why Guy health matters ? A healthy gut means that there are more good bacteria than harmful bacteria and that harmful bacteria don't overtake the good. The balance of bacteria in the gut flora can lead to many health benefits, including reducing inflammation, increasing energy levels , regular bowel movement , decreased cravings , lowering the chances of obesity , better sleeping , radiant skin . How do I take care of my Gut health ? Complex carbohydrates -fibre from colorful fruits and vegetables, Including good sources of Probiotics like Dairy ( curd , buttermilk ) can boost the growth of good bacteria and maintain a healthy Gut balance. Including fermented foods like Idlis , dosas , Uttapams , these are pre-digested foods enhancing digestion . It also produces Lactic acid bacteria which maintains the pH of the gut. Hydrate ! At least 2-3 liters of water daily Adequate good sleeping patterns - 7-8 hours De- stress : practice a hobby / breathing exercises/ physical activity

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