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Anupama Mhatre


Shyft Yoga Trainer

June 13, 2023


Here are the key differences between them: - Warrior III: The hips are squared and in a neutral position. Half Moon: The body is open to one side of the room. In Warrior Ill, the lifted toes face downwards, while in Half Moon, the lifted toes face towards the side wall. In Warrior Ill, your body remains neutral, resembling a standing Hand-to-Big-Toe Pose. In contrast, Half Moon involves external rotation of the hip, similar to Warrior 11. Some important points to keep in mind for both poses: Maintain an active and engaged lifted leg. Imagine pushing it against a wall behind you instead of letting it hang passively. Keep a slight bend in your standing leg to avoid hyperextension. Engage your core for stability. This will help keep your chest lifted and assist in maintaining balance in both poses.

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