Managing Diabetes

Sakina Hashmi


Shyft Nutritionist

June 07, 2023

Soluble Fibre rich foods - My top 9 selections

Soluble fiber helps in improving blood sugar levels, reduces bad cholesterol, improves the health of your liver and is your gut's best friend 😍❤️ Here are some beautiful sources of soluble fiber 🌱 Ground flaxseed and chia seeds 🌱 Legumes 🌱 Okra ( bhindi) 🌱Green beans 🌱 Carrot 🌱 Fruits (berries, banana,kiwi, apple are a winner) 🌱Sweet potato 🌱 Quinoa 🌱 Oatmeal P.s. the ones mentioned above are rich sources however don't limit your intake just to these. Explore a variety of veggies, fruits, nuts, seeds and millets to ensure maximum intake of nutrients 💚

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