Weight Management

Reshmi Bhattacherya


Shyft Ambassador

June 08, 2023

Is there a perfect time to workout - No, there isn't!

The perfect time to work out can vary from person to person, as it depends on individual preferences, schedules, and physiological factors. Here are some considerations to help you determine the best time for your workout: Personal preference: Think about when you feel most inclined to work out and when you can maintain consistency. Energy levels: Pay attention to your energy levels throughout the day. It is your level of alertness that plays the determining factor. Schedule and commitments: Consider your daily schedule and commitments. Choose a time when you can dedicate an uninterrupted block for your workout. Fitness goals: The type of exercise and your fitness goals may also influence the optimal time. For example, if your goal is to build muscle strength, studies suggest that late afternoon or early evening workouts might be more effective. It's important to find a time that suits your preferences, energy levels and schedule allowing you to be consistent and disciplined.

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