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Dr Shweta Rao


Shyft Yoga Trainer

June 08, 2023

Try this Blinking Exercise for Dry Eyes

Exercise instruction: Close both eyes normally, pause 2 seconds and open. Close the eyes normally again, pause again and then aggressively squeeze the lids together (as if you are trying to crack a walnut with your lids) for 2 seconds and open both eyes. Frequency:- To be completed every 20 minutes, 20 times a day. Use an audible signal (phone or computer alarm to remind you) Awareness: If you spend a lot of time on computer or other digital media, you probably will have a decreased blink rate. Doing the blink exercise every-time will help to make a complete blinking habit

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Vaishali Khanna

Shyft Habit Coach

Fantastic exercise for eyes👍

June 09, 2023


Found it, thank you @Dr Shweta Rao

June 13, 2023

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