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Dr Sriharika Jamula


Shyft Lamaze Expert

December 23, 2022

10 breathing techniques to help during pregnancy and labour

Breathing exercises during pregnancy & labour : 1. The organizing breath - Inhale deeply, and exhale with a big sigh. This will increase focus and release tension. Slow breathing- Inhale slowly through the nose, and exhale through your mouth. Take a moment - keep repeating the same to manage pain during contractions during labor. 2. Early labor breathing - Inhale & exhale slowly and rhythmically. This can help to relax you, during first contractions.When a contraction starts, breathe in slowly through your nose, drawing the air as deeply into your lungs and belly as you can. Pause for a moment, then exhale slowly through your mouth. As you exhale, try to relax your muscles. 3. Count breathing - Inhale count 1, 2 & Exhale count 3,4,5, let the breath be slow. When you breathe out, try to let go of any tensions in your body. Focus on the muscles that you know become tense when you're stressed , such as your neck, shoulders, stomach and back. 4. Lamaze breathing or organized breathing- Take a deep breath when a contraction begins and when it ends.When you release your breath, release the tension starting from your toes and then the rest of the body.Whenever you exhale, relax different body parts one by one.During active labor, inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth.Keep the breathing slow at first, and increase later according to the intensity of the contractions.Switch to deeper breaths when your contraction increases and lighter ones when the intensity can say “hee” for a shorter breath and “hoo” for a longer one.Breathe according to your comfort, when you need to push you can take a deep breath and exhale as you bear down. After each contraction is over, take a couple of relaxing breaths. 5. Breathing: transition phase and pushing-When the contraction begins,Inhale pant 5-6 times. Forming an “O” with your mouth, blow out air forcefully(1 blow per contraction). Repeat this so that you do not bear down until the cervix is fully dilated.

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