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August 29, 2023

Delicious Home made white butter and it’s benefits ( Loni )

✔️Heart healthy : Salted table butters wreak havoc on your heart health and may raise those BP levels, white butter could prove to be an effective alternative. ✔️Weight management: White butter is a good source of lecithin, a kind of fat that helps aid metabolism. A faster metabolism is key for weight-loss. ✔️Healthy skin: The healthy fats present in white butter helps improve the elasticity of skin thereby lending a natural glow ✔️Good for brain health : White butter also comprises decent amount of Arachidonic Acid (AA) which is known to help improve brain function and memory. Caution : high in saturated fat so must be taken in moderation . Around 1 tspn of white butter can be used on your toasts / dosas/ veggies / cheelas / rice / dals.

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Sonali Sachdeva

Chief Nutritionist at Shyft

Love this with vegetable stuffed parathas !

August 29, 2023

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